Mari’s training and presentation style is excellent! The content was not only very informative, but interesting with lots of examples and practical strategies. The subject matter is difficult, yet Mari presented in a very clear and compassionate manner. One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended. Thank you!
— Lynn Telford-Sahl, M.A. Psychology, Modesto, CA

Greetings! I love supporting other therapists and clinical professionals through in person workshops and online webinar trainings! I have many years of experience training large and small groups, and speaking nationally.

The information below outlines the webinar and workshop trainings I facilitate 4 times a year. Simply fill out and submit this contact form with your information and I will let you know when the next training has been scheduled.

If you are an organization that would like me to speak, or if you would like me to present an all day training for your conference, or an agency that would like to have me facilitate an employee training, please contact me via email or phone (818) 521-4370, or send me your organization's information and we can set up a time to discuss details. 

Read on below...I look forward to supporting you! 


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Workshops & Webinars for Therapists & CSATs


Creating Multiple Income Streams

Have you been interested in creating an e-book, e-product, a workshop, or support group? Therapists who have multiple income streams not only increase their earnings, but also decrease compassion fatigue as they no longer rely solely their therapy hour for financial security...

CSATs Formal Disclosure Training

Formal Clinical Disclosure is a challenging part of the healing process for couples recovering from sex addiction. Additionally, FD is not a one session event, rather it is a complex and structured process that must be carefully executed by the CSAT therapist and treatment team...


How to Create a Men's Sex Addiction Recovery Group

This 2 hour online training will teach you how to successfully create, implement, and facilitate a group for male sex addicts. Topics include: group set up, curriculum, advertising, facilitation and more... 

How to Create a Female Partner's of Sex Addicts Group

This 2 hour online training will teach you how to successfully create, implement, and facilitate a group for female partners. Topics include: group set up, curriculum, advertising, facilitation and more... 


In-Person Workshops


From Heartbreak to Healing Workshop:
Clinical Training in the Treatment of
Partners of Sex Addicts

This 6-hour in-person workshop is for licensed therapists or interns, CSATs and CSAT candidates. Mari walks clinical attendees through each step of the partner's healing process in providing a comprehensive and compassionate treatment plan to support partners and spouses of sex addicts. The training covers a wealth of information and therapists will walk away with first tools to begin using in their agency or practice...