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Mari helped me start my practice with her guidance, coaching, materials, referrals and unending support. Mari genuinely believes in the best in people and operates in the world with humility, confidence, and kindness - she thrives in helping others. With Mari, what you see is what you get - and what you get is a committed clinician and coach who knows how to quickly hone in on her coaching client’s process. As a coach/mentor, you get a devoted professional that will help you tap into your best self and execute your goals. I cannot say enough about Mari; she is memorable, professional, and in tune with her gifts - truly a one of a kind lady and coach.
— Ninoska Montero, LMFT, A Healthy Love Life Counseling

Are you a Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselor, or a healing professional who would like support as you move toward your business and practice goals? If so, I am glad you are here!

Perhaps you need guidance in branding and marketing your vision, tweaking or creating website content, writing a book or e-book, or supporting your practice to ensure that it is both profitable and enjoyable. 

My name is Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S, CPTT-S, MBAT-S and I work side-by-side with healing professionals providing solid tools and focused support. You can read what my coaching clients share about working with me here. 

Now in my 50s, Growth Counseling Services and The Counselor's Coach are my third and forth successful businesses. I am also a best selling author, popular national speaker, and have created a successful line of products for clinicians and clients.

Perhaps your dream is to write a top selling book, create and market a successful e-book, or land more paid speaking gigs. If so, these are areas that I have excelled in as a therapist. I also have a successful fee-for-service therapy center in Southern California with an average wait list of 8 weeks. 

Mari Lee has been instrumental and directional in guiding me toward a career as a therapist. Mari clearly outlined the necessary steps that I would accomplish while supporting and encouraging me with experience and seasoned guidance and tools. Subsequently, I received an MSSW from Columbia University, I completed level I EMDR training, I received my certification from IITAP as a CSAT, and with her coaching support I have launched a successful private practice. I count Mari as one of my primary supports. I also consider Mari to be a colleague with whom I can explore issues related to my practice and issues that my practice brings up for me. Most importantly, she is a highly skilled clinician, and someone whom I admire professionally.
— Bryan Palmer, LCSW, CSAT, Founder Therapy Works, Miami Beach, FL

When you work with me you can plan on getting things done! I like to I roll up my sleeves with my coaching clients and dive right in. If you are a therapist just starting out and are eager to grow your practice and clients, or if you are a seasoned clinician and would like to have less client hours, work smarter and not harder, or you would like to supplement your practice with a leveraged or passive income stream, then I look forward to teaming up with you.

I also provide support to group practices and agencies who are interested in creating and implementing new staff polices, improve client and agency procedures, structure IOPs (Intensive Out Patient Programs), or create therapy groups, workshops or retreats. 

Additionally, there is helpful information and great tips on the counselor's blog, and feel free to explore the Therapist Tool Box for affordable form packets and materials, and freebie forms as well.

Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to learn more about you and how I can support your practice or agency building goals! You are welcome to email me at mari@thecounselorscoach.com or schedule an appointment here

Kindly and in Support,

Receiving coaching and consulting from Mari was a real treat! She is very warm, caring and encouraging, as well as having a wealth of ideas, resources, information and great suggestions for building your practice. Additionally, she was invaluable for helping me start my therapy group based on her years of experience in this area. I highly recommend Mari!
— Dr. Lee Stoltzfus, PhD, CSAT, Glendale, CA

Running a successful therapy practice or small business encompasses more than hopes and dreams. Having a solid business plan with focused goals is a must! Now in my 50s, I have owned and operated three successful and profitable businesses and enjoy supporting other professionals in order to help their businesses thrive and grow.

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I am a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,  and a trusted IITAP approved CSAT supervisor providing focused support for candidates who are currently working toward their CSAT certification in sex addiction therapy. My supervision style is often described as, "Focused, experienced, supportive, creative and organized."  Let's set a first supervision to see how we connect.

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If you are a therapist in need of clinical forms, materials, exercises, and activities for clients, couples, groups and workshops, I have created a comprehensive and professional line of products to support the growth of your agency or private practice needs including clinical forms, exercises and activities for clients and group therapy, and group forms as well.

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It is an honor to be referred to as,  "A popular national speaker who engages the audience and attendees with wit, wisdom and practical tools. She brings many years of experience to her workshops and presentations and is often called, "The Therapist's Therapist." Forget everything you know about boring presentations, yawn worthy power points, and long speeches - instead prepare to connect, learn, engage, laugh and grow in a supportive environment with other professionals.

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Therapists and small business owners are some of the hardest working  people I know, and we cannot do this work in isolation or without support. I bring many years of business experience, focused tools and skills to support your business goals. If you are a new therapist or business owner just starting out, or a seasoned clinician or SBO who needs help in "tightening up" business practices, I am so glad you found me, and I look forward to hearing how we can roll up our sleeves and move forward!

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I love teaching and supporting other healers in the world, and facilitate popular half day and full day training workshops for therapists, organizations, agencies, and companies. If you or your staff are interested in learning more about professional training opportunities and workshops, reach out! If you have a special event and would like me to tailor a presentation, I would love to support you. Also, please take a moment to read some of the kind words from previous clients.

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