Mari helped me start my practice with her guidance, mentorship, coaching, materials, referrals and unending support. Mari genuinely believes in the best with people and operates in the world with humility, confidence, and kindness - she thrives in helping others. With Mari, what you see is what you get - and what you get is a committed clinician who knows how to quickly hone in on her client’s process. As a coach/mentor, you get a devoted professional that will help you tap into your best self and execute your goals. I cannot say enough about Mari; she is memorable, professional, and in tune with her gifts - truly a one of a kind lady and coach.
— Ninoska Montero, LMFT, CSAT, Pasadena, CA

Q: I have never worked with a coach or professional mentor before, what can I expect?

Coaching is a process of collaboration and defining goals, as well as executing practical steps toward your business growth and development. I like to roll up my sleeves right out of the gate with my coaching clients so that you can start crossing off tasks immediately in our first session. I do not use a one size fits all approach, but prefer to meet each client right where they are and support them step-by-step. Clients share that this approach greatly enhances their confidence and focus in achieving their professional goals, without wasting time. 

Q: What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Coaching often deals with [but is not limited to]: A person’s future and often utilizes tools such as goal setting, executing a vision, career management, personal and professional development, educational goals, collaborative action steps, practice building, re-scripting, and motivational work. 

Therapy and Counseling often deals with [but is not limited to]: An individual’s current psychological stress and relationship struggles that may stem from difficult early years experience, trauma and/or attachment disorders and/or addiction issues. Therapy often involves examining thought processes and interpersonal relationships and other psychological challenges that may negatively interfere with a person’s day-to-day functioning and overall life satisfaction and happiness.

Q: What is your coaching/mentoring style?

I am collaborative, focused, organized, encouraging, direct, compassionate, and work with my coaching clients in helping them hold accountably and focus as they check off the boxes toward their goals. I believe every single therapist and small business owner has the capacity to create a practice or business plan that feels just right for them in order to serve and support their clients. I also believe that therapists deserve to create a life that feels both professionally rewarding, personally balanced, and financially fulfilling given the challenging work we do. I honor each client's authentic spirit while helping them lean into areas that might feel "scary" in building their brand and business.

I contacted Mari for help with my website and was so glad I did! Mari has a wealth of marketing knowledge at her fingertips and is so giving. Her advice is clear and sound, and provided in such a warm and caring way. Minor to major tweaks not only made sense, they were also eye-opening and easy to implement. When she makes a suggestion or gives advice, there is a weight to it because of her own success as a therapist. At the same time, her suggestions and advice are rooted in who her client is. I found her ideas to always be built upon who I am, what is natural for me and my voice. What Mari brings to coaching is solid experience and her well documented success as a clinician, but it’s really her personality that brings all of this together for me. Sometimes it can be difficult to take in critiques or advice, and it’s Mari’s warmth, generosity and caring that makes a coaching session with her so amazing. She is the most kind, most sincere and most generous woman I know. Couple that with her clinical expertise and marketing knowledge and you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend Mari with no reservations!
— John Berndt, LMFT, Los Angeles,

Q: How much is your coaching fee?

My fee is $185 per 50-minute coaching session with a 72 hour cancellation policy.

Q: Do you help therapists who want to publish a book?

I love supporting colleagues and clinicians who would like to write and publish a traditional book or an e-book. I have over 10 years of experience as a writing coach, and am the co-author of the best selling book, "Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts", and the author of, "The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy", and my e-book, "Healing Betrayal." My next traditional book, "The Gift in the Wound" will be out in 2019. If publishing a book is a dream that you have, l'm happy to support your writing goals. 

Q: How often do we meet and how long does coaching last?

The length of coaching depends on your pace and your goals. Some clients do well with a handful of sessions spread out over a few weeks or months. Other coaching clients prefer meeting every other week, and still others prefer to meet once a month for six months. You and I can discuss what feels like a good fit for you as we put together your action steps. I do not sell packages or pressure coaching clients to schedule a particular number of session.

Mari is a very knowledgeable as a practice consultant. She is professional, warm, focused, caring, and understanding of others feelings. I found her to be very helpful as a guide and coach.
— Jeffrey Ray LMHC,CAP,CSAT, Florida

Q: Will you work with your therapy clients as a coach?

I believe mixing coaching and therapy blurs the boundaries of care. It is best that a therapy relationship and coaching relationship remain separate. Thus, in order to operate ethically, I "prefer to refer". If you and I are working together as client and therapist, I will be happy to refer you to a qualified coach to support you. This maintains the integrity of the therapy relationship and values what is in the best interest of the client and supports boundaries in our clinical work together. If you and I are working as a coach and client, then I am glad to refer you to a therapist in your area.


Q: Where do we meet for coaching?

I meet with coaching clients via the phone. I typically have a 2-4 week wait list so please be aware that there may be a wait. You may schedule here.

Q: Can you help me with my website design?

Absolutely! I love supporting my coaching clients in refining and designing their website. I have written, designed, and creatively expanded my own website, and am familiar with most aspects of square space. However, for more technical work, code writing, and complex layout, I always recommend that a client work with a qualified website designer first and am happy to refer you out if that is the support you are needing. Think of a website designer as the builder of your home, and me as the interior decorator.

Q: Can you work with me for on-line or website technical support?

I am happy to address basic Internet protocol and advancing SEO. For example, I am familiar with square space and  social media platforms. However, if you are looking for a high level of technical support, want to learn to write code, or other complex technology, I will be happy to refer you out. 

I’ve had the pleasure of hiring Mari as a consultant/coach for sexually compulsive clients and their partners. Her expertise and knowledge of the complexities of sexual addiction and partner’s work, coupled her keen clinical sense and business skills are unparalleled. On top of our consulting sessions, Mari offered specific direction, along with exercises and tasks that enhanced my practice building goals and greatly supported my clinical work. Her warm and direct style coupled with her wealth of knowledge make her an invaluable resource for therapy and consultation. She is a therapist’s therapist, and I recommend her with complete confidence as a coach and consultant.
— Dr. Magen Todd, CST, CSAT, Calabasas, CA

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