I recently had the opportunity to attend Mari Lee’s webinar training on Multiple Income Streams. Her attention to detail along with her years of knowledge that she so generously shared with the participants has been worth its weight in gold! Mari’s specific tips, tools and formula for creating other sources of income beyond the clinical hour are ingenious! I highly recommend this webinar to all psychotherapists!
— Tracy Tacquard, LMFT, Temecula, CA

$125/hr or $250 per attendee - 2.5 hour webinar workshop

One of the top concerns I hear from therapists and small business owners is exhaustion and burn out from the active hours required in seeing clients each week and running a business. These same professionals share that they struggle to find the time to honor other creative business dreams and goals.

Creating passive and leveraged income streams is so important for the small business owner. While this may sound daunting or mysterious, my experience is that any individual with a good idea, and the willingness to implement your idea can do this! We all start somewhere, and we all need support and guidance with first steps.

If you have an idea in your back pocket, or if you have been procrastinating on writing your book, e-book, or creating a group, retreat or workshop, here is a secret: any business owner, not just the tech savvy, the writing wizards, or the creative geniuses, can develop at least one additional passive or leveraged income stream with support, direction, encouragement, and tools.

What are Multiple Income Streams?

1. Active income: This is income that you earn on the job, in other words, YOU must be present to make money. Most business owners make 90-100% of their income this way.

2. Leveraged income: This is income you earn by leveraging your time and expertise by way of a group (workshops, therapy groups, trainings, webinars); You work the same hours, but make more money, because more people are purchasing your time and expertise. Think of it this way, 2 hours of individual client time at $125/client will generate $250 of active income. Or the same two hours facilitating a group or workshop for 8 people paying $125 will generate $1,000 of leveraged income. 

3. Passive income: This is income you earn without being physically present. You earn this income when on vacation, sleeping, or working out. For example, if you have a product idea (e-books, books, products, affiliate programs, etc.) that appeals to your demographic or client population, then this product becomes evergreen and people will buy this product with zero hours of your time needed (past the initial investment of time in creating the product). Take a look at a screen shot below of my passive income from my products on this website for an example of this.

Online Workshop Details

Date: I send out announcements to my mailing list

Cost: $125/per hour ($250 per attendee) 2.5 hours

Group: Training is closed at 15 people

Included in this training:

  • An informative, fun, and in-depth step-by-step discussion on multiple incomes streams
  • Identifying your "Big Interest Picture" (or BIP)
  • Focused support in deconstructing your your BIP vision into action steps 
  • Resources for creating your M.I.S., including outsourcing, product development & marketing
  • 30 minute M.I.S. Q&A with Mari 

Other Workshop Details:

  • This workshop is online and will take place using GoToMeeting.

You may Contact: mari@thecounselorscoach.com for more information, or simply sign up on the mailing list for future workshops.


Examples of Mari's Passive Income Streams

As many of you know I am a big believer in people putting their money where their mouth is. There are plenty of therapist/coaches who host webinars on creating income streams that don't actually have profitable multiple income streams that are "evergreen" (or any other income stream beyond active income for that matter). 

In an effort to be transparent, below is a screen shot of my Stripe website store dashboard. This screen shots shows my website passive income product sales for the 18 months totaling $64,945.95. That is an average of $3,608 per month of passive income:


This shows all of my passive income generated between April 23, 2015 and December 8, 2016. Remember, this is passive income from the sales of my clinical products from this website including my forms packets, workshop in a kit, and my e-book

Note: This does not include my quarterly royalty checks from my Amazon book (another passive income stream). This also does not include my speaking fees, workshops or webinars (leveraged income streams). And clearly, this does not include my active income from my coaching and consulting, nor does it include my supervision and my clinical income at my counseling center.

Again, this income shown above, is from passive income earnings only from my website store...income I made while hiking, sleeping, vacationing or doing other things I enjoy doing besides being actively present at my business.

What's not to love about that?! Would you like support and information on how you can create an MIS? If so, you are welcome to sign up to join the webinar below. Please note that the workshop is closed at 15 attendees so that I can answer each person's question(s) directly after the workshop.