Congratulations on your journey toward your CSAT or CPTT Certification!

Mari has a genuine gift of translating her expertise as a seasoned therapist into learning experiences and guidance to me as a supervisee. She generously shares her wisdom with warmth and caring that encourages me to grow both personally and professionally.
— Keanna L. Jones, LPC, CCTP, CSAT-Candidate, Cary, NC


Welcome to our CSAT and CPTT community!

Working toward the CSAT and/or CPTT certification is a rewarding process, however, at the start it can feel as if you are learning a new language. Because there are many concepts, tools and tasks to learn, the process may feel overwhelming at times. 

I supervise diverse therapists from all around the country and the world. I meet every CSAT and CPTT candidate where they are in their training process and professional growth, no matter if you are an intern, student or a seasoned clinician.

I enjoy supporting candidates as they develop the confidence and skill set in understanding and professionally executing the tasks, tools and assessments needed in this complex specialization. 

In addition to my clinical work with men and women in sexual recovery, I also have extensive experience in working with betrayed partners and spouses. I work from a trauma model vs. a co-dependency model with partners.

Additionally, I speak and teach nationally on this topic of sex addiction and betrayal trauma, and co-authored "Facing Heartbreak" with Dr. Stefanie Carnes, and am the author of, Healing from Betrayal. I am also on the IITAP Ethics Committee , and part of the IITAP academic faculty for the CPTT certification.

Mari, Thank you! I am continually amazed by the depth of your knowledge, experience and generosity. I highly recommend your work as a CSAT supervisor and business coach without reservation.
— Erin Silva, LMHC, CSAT-C, Richland, Washington
Mari, I truly appreciate your CSAT Supervision and guidance. I see you as a mentor and lantern on my journey towards being a successful private practice therapist, until I can light my own way. Thank you for your support!
— Molly Papp, LMFT, Long Beach, CA.

For candidates who are interested in adding group therapy to your practice, I have many years of experience in facilitating recovery groups and workshops. As a supervisor, I enjoy teaching candidates how to organize and facilitate both mens’ sexual recovery groups, and recovery groups and workshops for betrayed partners and spouses. My groups have been filled with a wait list and going strong for over 14 years.

I am highly skilled in the Formal Disclosure process having researched, developed, and created the four step Formal Disclosure modality and the Formal Disclosure Materials Packet that is now used by hundreds of CSAT and CPTT therapists worldwide, as well as agencies like The Meadows.

During our work together, I will help you develop a deeper understanding of the task model as you build confidence in applying your growing CSAT and CPTT skills in your clinical treatment planning. I am here to support your learning as you support each stage of recovery for your clients including:

  • Intakes

  • Assessments

  • Recovery Tasks

  • Exercises & Materials

  • Formal Disclosure

  • Group Therapy

  • Partners’ Betrayal Trauma

  • Therapist Support

  • Clinical Boundaries and Self Care

  • Legal and Ethical Concerns

Mari thanks so much! I really appreciate our supervision sessions and how knowledgeable you are. I feel very grateful for finding you.
— David Feder, BSW, MSW, CSAT-C, Toronto, Canada
Mari, thank you so very much for your help and guidance. I honestly feel very lucky to have been connected with you as a supervisor for my CSAT certification.
— Darrin Ford, LMFT, CSAT-C, Orange County, CA

My Supervision Style

Here is a bit about who I am as a professional: I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California, the founder of Growth Counseling Services, the co-author of, "Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts", the author of, "The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy", and, "From FairyTales to Facelifts: Learning to Love the Image in the Mirror" workshop, and the author of, “Healing from Betrayal.” I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist with 15 years of experience, and a trusted CSAT and CPTT Supervisor certified through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP).

I truly enjoy supporting other therapists and clinical colleagues achieve their professional goals. The feedback that I receive on my supervision style is that I am, "Supportive, knowledgeable, experienced, organized, structured, focused, creative, and responsive" - you can read more about my supervision support from other candidates here.

Other Areas I will Support as your Supervisor


Now in my 50's, I have a wealth of knowledge and business skills as a former corporate executive, and design business owner that include marketing and networking, as well as starting and maintaining a successful fee for service private clinical practice for many years with an average clinical wait list of 6-8 weeks.

Additionally I speak nationally, facilitate couples workshops, and I am author. I write and consult on developing multiple income streams for clinicians, and have created several income streams including my popular e-book, "The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy."

I share all of this here because, as part of my supervision role, I am passionate about supporting the dreams of the wonderful candidates and clinicians I am honored to work with. I sincerely believe that each therapist can achieve their professional vision and make a great living at this important and very challenging work we do!

Mari, thank you for your wonderful support. I feel so fortunate to have been supervised by you! You have been the icing on the cake for me in this incredible journey to CSAT certification. Thank you for all of your wisdom, you remain absolutely the best!
— Judith Seehafer, LMFT, CSAT

My Theoretical Orientation

My theoretical orientation is a combination of Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Systems Therapy. I love teaching other clinicians how to "speak brain" in understanding addiction, trauma, compulsivity and impulse challenges. It is also important to understand that while "sex addiction" is not yet recognized as a diagnosis in the DSM V, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) now classifies compulsive sexual behavior as a mental health condition.

Mari I can’t say enough good things about our supervision, I look at you as a mentor and a coach with lot’s of expertise and compassion. I have been blessed to have you on my journey to licensing because there have been some tough obstacles I have faced. Thank you for being you and having the ability to share your knowledge.
— Rhonda Taylor, LMFTI, CSAT Candidate, Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

I have taken time to address FAQs from candidates here please take a moment and read through the questions and answers provided. While I do my best to keep up with any changes IITAP has made, please always refer and defer to their website as they will have the most up to the minute information on the CSAT and CPTT candidate certification requirements.

Once you have read through this page and the FAQ page, you are welcome to contact me if you would like to set up a first supervision. Due to my schedule and time zone differences, I am best reached via email at If you email me with a question that is answered on this website, I will re-direct you here, so please do take few minutes to read through this supportive information and the FAQs.

Mari, I have learned from the breadth of your knowledge and appreciated your clinical sensitivity. Your empathetic, understanding support throughout the certification process has helped me integrate my CSAT training into my professional identity. By breathing ‘heart and soul’ into the tasks, your supervision empowered me to work as a CSAT as an expression of my authentic self. Thank you!
— Jeremy Mast, MS, MDiv, LMFT

A Little About Who I am

Stanley - the Rescue Kitty with an Attitude

Stanley - the Rescue Kitty with an Attitude

When I am not in my professional role I love getting outdoors! Hiking, swimming in the ocean, pilates and dance are activities that make my heart smile. 

I also love to travel or just hang out with friends and family over dinner. Writing, music and creating have been life long passions for me. Oh, and chocolate...chocolate is most definitely on the list of top favorite things!

I am an advocate for animals and have a rescue cat named Stanley who likes to curl up next to me during my writing time. He brings a lot of joy into my life.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know a little more about me as a person, therapist, and CSAT/CPTT supervisor! Let me know how I can be of support:

Mari, as a CSAT supervisor, you inspire me to think of things that are applicable on a much broader scale than just CSAT related material. I truly enjoy the perspectives you offer and ways you challenge me to think in directions that I have yet to explore. I am able to use what we discuss in a matter of days, and see the result with clients!
— Phil Ginsburg, LMFT, CSAT-C, Houston, TX

CSAT & CPTT Supervision Fees

Individual Supervision

My fee is $165 for a focused 50-minute individual supervision session and I conduct these sessions via phone on Monday and Friday mornings (Pacific Standard Time) and Thursday afternoons. You are welcome to visit my testimonial page to hear how other therapists and CSAT and CPTT candidates have been supported in working with me. You can schedule at your convenience on my calendar here.

Group Supervision

I occasionally facilitate group supervisions with 2-4 candidates and am happy to slide my fee per the allotted session time for group supervision. Please note that 2 candidates will have a full hour with the time split between each candidate and will be billed at $125/per candidate; a group of 3 will require 90 minutes of time split between each candidate and will be billed at $110/per candidate; a group of 4 candidates will require 120 minutes and this time will be split between each candidate and will be billed at $100/per candidate. It will be the candidates responsibility for conferencing me in.

Supervision Hours & Communication

Our supervision will focus on tasks, tools, assessments, treatment planning, law and ethics, and practice management and is conducted during your supervision session. We will meet via the phone at (818) 521-4370 and you will call me at your scheduled day and time. If you live out of the United States, we will meet via SKYPE.

Your supervision has been invaluable to me, Mari, personally and professionally. I believe you were the person I needed specifically to believe in me, cheer me on, encourage me, STRONGLY guide me and protect me from so many potential catastrophes! As I’m gaining experience, I am more and more grateful for you all of the time. So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are a gift to the CSAT community and to all of us privileged to work with you.
— Amy Parks, LMFT, CSAT-C, Utah

CSAT & CPTT Supervision Forms

The following forms are needed in order to begin supervision for your CSAT or CPTT certification:


Set Up Your First Session

If what I have shared here resonates with you, and you are interested in working with me as a supervisor, depending upon my current availability (please note that I typically have a wait list for supervision of about 2-4 weeks), I ask that we set up a first supervision session. After working together in this session, we will see if it feels like a good fit moving forward for both of us. You may schedule your first supervision here.

Mari, I have moved forward in my life and career in the most profound ways due to the strong female mentors placed in my path - in a very short time I count you among them. I am so impressed by your experience in the field, your mastery of the art of language, and your clear business sense. I am in awe of all you have accomplished and the way you have learned to be a truly empowered woman - not a woman trying to get or use power as modeled by men. Because of this confidence I feel in this match with you, I know I am ready to take on this challenging new area of counseling specialization and learn how to offer excellent care to those in need. I like the way you think, and I look forward to learning more!
— Sherry Danner, LMFT, CSAT-C, Kansas City, KS

Any questions? Feel free to contact me via e-mail.
Welcome to the CSAT and CPTT community - I wish you all the best on your journey ahead!

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