My first reaction to seeing Mari present was “Wow!” - I was truly impressed with how Mari balanced her training, her empathy, her professionalism, her humor and her warm humanity at the SASH conference in La Jolla, California. Mari modeled for me the meaning of an integrated therapist and gave me an affirming boost.
— Kevin Medican, MS, LPC, CSAT, CMAT, New Hope, PA
  • Resiliency Rebel Workshop: Rising above your circumstances to create your very best self. As a former foster care child, Mari was on her own at 16 years of age, put herself through college and earned a Master's Degree, and went on to create three very successful businesses in her life, including her therapy center. She will discuss how to take tragedy and spin straw into gold.
  • Intimacy vs. Intensity: Learning How to Connect & Love Safely & Abundantly in the Digital World.  If you have ever been burned, betrayed or feel like one more face in a sea of faces on line, you are not alone. Navigating love, sex and romance on line can feel like a minefield at times. Mari discussed tips, techniques, and boundaries on connecting safely and creating connection in the age of social media and dating sites. For clinical professionals, Mari provides workshops to help you help your clients.
  • Women's Healing in On-Line Communities: If you have been wondering how to help betrayed women heal broken hearts and dating trauma on line via HIPAA compliant teletherapy Groups, and on Private Facebook Coaching Groups, this presentation is for you. Mari provides specific teaching tools and curriculum to support therapists in working with women on line and via teletherapy groups ethically and confidentially, as well as outlines best practice steps, group screening, necessary forms, how to set up your disclaimers on your website and group, and payment structure.
  • The Shortest Distance: Great communication skills create the shortest distance between a good idea and a successful execution. As a former corporate executive, Mari is passionate about helping professional organizations understand, respect and embrace diverse personalities and strengths, while teaching tools to increase work space Emotional E.Q.
  • Passionate Passive Abundance: This fun and informative workshop is popular with  entrepreneurs and "solopreneurs." Mari is an expert in the area of creating profitable passive income. Mari teaches step-by-step methods to move your M.I.S. dream into reality. Earn money while you sleep!
  • Sex Addiction: Is it Real or an Excuse for Bad Behavior?: In this powerful workshop training, Mari leads therapists and other health professionals through the complex treatment of sexual compulsivity. She discusses the myths and misconceptions, and provides tools for first treatment steps. 
  • Beyond Betrayal: Helping Betrayed Partners Heal: Partners of sex and pornography addicts experience complex trauma symptoms often confused for personality disorders or other serious diagnostic labels. In this half day or full day training, Mari walks clinical professionals step-by-step in how to work with the hurting and angry partner or spouse of a sex and porn addict. Attendees will leave with solid information, practical clinical tools, and understand the important first steps in the treatment of the wounded and betrayed spouse or partner. This is one of Mari's most popular workshops for therapists and other healing professionals.
  • From Fairy Tales to Facelifts: Learning to Love the Image in the Mirror from the Inside Out: A empowering one day workshop for women who are transitioning through heartbreak, a divorce or break up,  an affair or relational betrayal. Mari leads the workshop participants through exercises, art, music and heart centered connection in reclaiming personal joy and healing negative internal scripts about worth and beauty. This can also be tailored to train other clinical professionals in how to facilitate a successful and healing workshop for women.
Mari is an excellent presenter. She has the ability to convey complex clinical ideas in a digestible way so that everyone in the audience is able to grasp the information being presented. Mari is delightful and imminently approachable.
— Aaron Alan, LMFT, Los Angeles, CA
Mari is an amazing healer and passionate speaker! Her expertise is mind-blowing and she makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. Anyone would be lucky to see her present.
— Michelle Farris, LMFT, San Jose, CA
Mari is a dynamic and informed speaker who engages the audience with her story telling ability. Her expertise in her field of Sexual Addiction and its treatment is immense. Mari delivers her words with accuracy, humor, respect and it is clear she has a deep passion for the work she does. She is a pleasure to listen to and highly skilled in her field.

As a workshop presenter she comes well prepared and is available for questions and answers. Mari’s discussions provide a good mix of information, graphics, music, and some good laughs. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Nicole Ashton, M.A., MFT, CSAT, Los Angeles, CA
After hearing Mari speak at the 2011 SASH Conference in La Jolla, CA, her presentation style motivated me to learn more about the human brain. This information came alive in her workshop and I got a sense of her therapy style as well. Mari is captivating, engaging and knowledgeable as a speaker and I would definitely attend another presentation.
— Ninoska Montero, LMFT, CSAT, Pasadena, CA

Beyond her speaking and teaching across the United States, Mari is also recognized for her clinical work with male and female sex, love and pornography addicts, as well as her ground breaking work with spouses and partners of sex addicts.  She is the founder of Growth Counseling Services, a private practice recovery center located in Glendora, California. 

Additionally, Mari is the author of the 5 star Amazon reviewed book, “Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts”, as well as the author of, “The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy" and has created a popular line of materials that support clinical colleagues in private practice. 

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