I am so glad you are here! It is important when choosing a business coach to team up with someone who feels like a supportive fit for your practice needs. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and have been working in the clinical field for over a decade. I am dedicated to supporting therapists who are new to private practice, or therapists who are re-branding or want to branch out.

Additionally, I am the founder of Growth Counseling Services, Inc., a fee for service private practice with an average wait list of 10-12 weeks. Writing is a passion and I am the co-author of the best selling book, "Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts" and the author of a popular e-workbook, "The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy."

Helping other clinicians create products and build multiple income streams is an expertise of mine and is something that I truly enjoy! And, as a national speaker, I love supporting therapists who are interested in growing their speaking role. You can read kind words regarding my coaching services and style below. If you are interested in learning more about setting up a coaching session, you are welcome to contact me here.

Kindly and in support, 
Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S

Kind Words For Mari's Coaching…

Working with Mari sparked tremendous growth in every aspect of my practice. She has expertise in creating and understanding a successful private practice as well as book publication and additional streams of income. Mari’s kind yet direct approach to coaching was instrumental in growing the private practice I always wanted. She helped me re-conceptualize everything from my website to how I market my practice. Mari also guided me through the process of completing and publishing my book. I am incredibly grateful that I found Mari and had the opportunity to work with her. I recommend her often to colleagues and friends who want to bring their private practice to the next level.
— Whitney Boole, MA, LMFT, Hermosa Beach, CA.

In my time with Mari, I have found her energy to be unrivaled and her ideas to be endless! I have benefited greatly from her coaching and years of experience, and her heartfelt desire to use that to help other clinicians. She has been a very important part of my journey into new professional adventures. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking business coaching.
— Mike Vaughn, MA, LPCS, CSAT, Matthews, NC
Mari, Thank you! I am continually amazed by the depth of your knowledge, experience and generosity. I highly recommend your work as a CSAT supervisor and business coach without reservation.
— Erin Silva, LMHC, CSAT, Richland, Washington
After just one coaching session with Mari my practice was transformed. As a therapist specializing in couples therapy, I found myself struggling with business side of our profession, but with Mari’s hands-on guidance, I was able to much more accurately focus my branding and message, which led to re-vitalizing my website. It feels like magic is happening resulting in more confidence and increased client calls. Through participating in Mari’s Facebook group, Like A Boss!, I get daily support and encouragement from Mari herself, as well as an amazing group of therapists. This has led me to dream and scheme about building my practice in ways I had not thought were possible, such as starting a support group and imagining writing an ebook. I’m so grateful for having someone in my corner, who truly believes in me and my potential, every step of the way in growing my practice.
— Stephanie Macadaan, LMFT
Mari is the most supportive and understanding coach and mentor I’ve ever had! She is always willing to impart her knowledge both clinically and from a professional business stand point. She believes in her coaching clients and her support is geared specifically to who I am, which is meaningful to me and I appreciate it. Mari is able to see my assets and always steers me toward actions that capitalize on my strengths. She is the ultimate professional and continually inspirational to me, yet listens to and honors my instinct. Mari is always willing to impart her knowledge and experience, and I have found her advice invaluable. As a therapist, I find her to be passionate about her work while holding compassion for her clients. She is sensitive to a diverse group of clients, and I highly recommend Mari as a mentor and coach!
— John Berndt, MFT, Los Angeles, CA
Mari helped me start my practice with her guidance, mentorship, coaching, materials, referrals and unending support. Mari genuinely believes in the best with people and operates in the world with humility, confidence, and kindness - she thrives in helping others. With Mari, what you see is what you get - and what you get is a experienced and successful clinician and supportive coach who knows how to quickly hone in on her client’s process. As a coach/mentor, you get a devoted professional that will help you tap into your best self and execute your goals. I cannot say enough about Mari; she is memorable, professional, and in tune with her gifts - truly a one of a kind lady and coach.
— Ninoska Montero, LMFT, CSAT, Pasadena, CA
If I had to pick only one word to describe my consulting time with Mari it would be this: VALUE. She gave me so much practical, excellent advice, tips, and written resources related to my practice and how I can manifest my professional dreams, I was amazed and in awe! I am not shy to hire consultants but this was beyond my expectations. I whole-heartedly recommend Mari as a practice coach - I predict your return on investment will exceed itself immediately!
— Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT, Seattle, WA,
I’ve had the pleasure of hiring Mari as a consultant for sexually compulsive clients and their partners. Her expertise and knowledge of the complexities of sexual addiction and partner’s work, coupled her keen clinical sense and business skills are unparalleled. On top of our consulting sessions, Mari offered specific direction, along with exercises and tasks that enhanced my practice and greatly supported my clinical work. Her warm and direct style coupled with her wealth of knowledge make her an invaluable resource for therapy and consultation. She is a therapist’s therapist, and I recommend her with complete confidence
— Dr. Magen Todd, CST, CSAT, Calabasas, CA
Mari, I am truly excited and grateful! You have reduced the stress and supported my business to truly thrive...and you have relieved my mind in untold ways, thank you for your coaching support!
— Leslie Baker, LMFT, Pleasanton, CA,
Mari’s on-line business coaching Facebook group has been the most valuable thing I have EVER invested in (and I’m super frugal). I can’t say enough good things about Mari and all she does. She is the most authentic clinician and coach I have come across who is dedicated to her coaching clients and clinical clients alike. I have learned so much from her coaching support for clinicians wanting to develop their very first business venture to having multiple streams of income. I’ve have been a part of this coaching group for just a few weeks and have felt that I have gained so much compared to the fee associated with it. Mari is so generous with her time yet so practical and business minded. The information and insight I have received from working with her has saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Bottom line.......she is bad ass! If you are a therapist looking for supportive coaching services, contact Mari ~ you can thank me later!
— Dr. Gisette Uthoff, Advanced Mindset Psychological Services, Glendora, CA.
Receiving coaching and consulting from Mari was a real treat! She is very warm, caring and encouraging, as well as having a wealth of ideas, resources, information and great suggestions for building your practice. Additionally, she was invaluable for helping me start my therapy group for male sex addicts based on her years of experience in this area. I highly recommend Mari!
— Dr. Lee Stoltzfus, PhD, CSAT, Glendale, CA
Mari, I can’t thank you enough. Per our coaching session, I’ve revamped my website, Psychology Today, and Good Therapy profiles, including adding some audio to my About page on my site. I’ve already gotten three calls from my updated profiles and, even though I thought I had a good profile before, I’ve barely received any calls, and almost none that turned into ongoing clients. I feel like I’ve been struggling for so long to clearly define professional self to myself (let alone clients), and I feel like I finally have that in place. I’m so excited to build my business around this focus. I look forward to our call next month. :-) Thank you, thank you!

Mari, I just have to write to again. As I said last time, I began to get a trickle of new clients earlier in the summer following our coaching and my changes to my marketing language. In the past couple weeks, I have begun to receive new client inquiries about every other day and they just keep coming! I’m going to be full soon, I think!
— Karen J. Helfrich, LCSW-C,, Severna Park, MD.
Mari Lee has been instrumental and directional in guiding me toward a career as a therapist. Mari clearly outlined the necessary steps that I would accomplish while supporting and encouraging me with experience and seasoned guidance and tools. Subsequently, I received an MSSW from Columbia University, I completed level I EMDR training, I received my certification from IITAP as a CSAT, and I have launched a successful private practice. I count Mari as one of my primary supports. I also consider Mari to be a colleague with whom I can explore issues related to my practice and issues that my practice brings up for me. Most importantly, she is a highly skilled clinician, and someone whom I admire professionally.
— Bryan Palmer, LCSW, CSAT, Founder Therapy Works, Miami Beach, FL
Thank you Mari! I am so grateful and appreciative of your support and willingness to coach Ginger and I in getting the our group up and going. I have felt so excited and inspired every single time we’ve talked, and our coaching session today just had me overfilled with excitement. I am inspired by your work and honored to have your influence as part of us starting up a group.
— Dr. Piper Grant, MPH, MA, Pasadena, CA
As a therapist and child custody evaluator in private practice in Riverside, CA, I cannot say enough about the importance of linking up with a coach, a mentor, and an inspirer. Mari Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S is that person. Mari is able to provide step-by-step instructions and real-life experiences as a compassionate business owner, coach and successful entrepreneur. Mari is down-to-earth, caring and motivating. Her support of the attendees leading up to a recent conference was not only helpful, but also encouraging and reassuring.

Additionally, she offers a clinical forms packet that is all encompassing and anyone just starting out or looking to clean up or improve their practice should consider. As a new therapist finding a quality book of exercises and activities was always an impossible chore. Mari’s book “The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy” gives you the map and the compass. In case you cannot tell, I am a true fan of Mari’s. She not only believes in lifting and helping others reach their full potential, but she provides you with the tools and the guidance to lift yourself and move towards your goals. If you want to move forward as a therapist, as a business owner, as a person, I recommend that you contact Mari.
— Nicol Stolar-Peterson, LCSW, Riverside, CA.
Mari thanks so much! I really appreciate our consulting sessions and how knowledgeable you are. I feel grateful for finding you.
— David Feder, BSW, MSW, CSAT-C, Toronto, Canada
Mari is an amazing healer, coach and passionate speaker! Her expertise is mind-blowing in her coaching, and during her presentations, Mari makes you feel like you are the only one in the room. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.
— Michelle Farris, LMFT, San Jose, CA.
Mari is a very knowledgeable therapist and consultant. She is professional, warm, focused, caring, and understanding of others feelings. I found her to be very helpful as a guide and coach.
— Jeffrey Ray LMHC,CAP,CSAT, Florida
Mari, I really appreciate your coaching and mentorship! You have helped me tremendously on my journey to becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. Thank you for your continued support and expertise.
— Rhonda Taylor, MFT Intern, Los Angeles, CA
Being a part of the LAB (Like a Boss) Coaching Facebook group has proven to be so beneficial. The amount of time, effort and attention that Mari dedicates to this group is incredible. I was amazed at how thoughtful, purposeful and value-ful her posts were. And not just the posts where she was answering questions from group members - but how she also creates and posts engaging, supportive and thought provoking information consistently. And, not only are the members full of valuable information, they are attentive and even if they do not have direct answers to questions, they provide resources consistently. I could tell that Mari was very deliberate about who she chose to allow into the Like A Boss group. If I ever have a question about something to do regarding business decisions, LAB is my first (and usually my last) stop. I have been so impressed with the community of this online group, and the vibe and level of contribution is unlike any I’ve experienced. I am so grateful that Mari provided this space for us and worked so generously to support us.
— Robyn D'Angelo, Laguna, CA.
Mari is a great coach who combines practical wisdom with motivational panache. She delivers laser sharp feedback with a kind heart. A rare gift in today’s world and a major contributor!
— Kate Rouze, Life Coach, Long Beach, California
Mari, thank you so much for your generous and kind support. I have prayed and pondered for weeks (if not months) about whom I wanted to reach out to for consultation and the answer So, thank you. I am honored to have the opportunity to connect with and learn from you. You are such a rich garden of creativity, wisdom, experience, beauty. I remember what you said at IITAP about angels; obviously you’re an angel, and you inspire me to be the same.
— Kate Parkinson, LMFT, CSAT, Palo Alto, CA
Working with Mari as a coaching client has been encouraging and productive. She has provided me with a unique opportunity to connect with other therapists who are looking to separate themselves from engaging only in traditional clinical work. I have been touched by Mari’s genius and creativity and appreciate her warm authentic heart for expanding my opportunities, which before, felt somewhat limited by my own inner perceptions. I joined her Like A Boss group while working through a personal crisis. Mari gently challenged me while providing a space to grow professionally at my own pace without judgment. A really great experience! ”
— Sandi Labo, MA, LPC, ATP Littleton, CO
Mari is a jewel! Her special gift of coaching professionalism and engaging with her peers is noteworthy! With Mari’s real life experience, her years of experience as a business owner, in combination with her ongoing education and work in the mental health field has made her the amazing expert she is today! Mari has an authentic vulnerability and empathetic heart! She wants everyone to succeed and has been generous with her knowledge and a tremendous support to other professionals in this field! She’s put in the long hours and cost to develop “top notch” professional forms and information which she offers at very reasonable costs to others. I’ve also taken Mari’s “Like A Boss” group for professionals seeking the extra support and tools to expand and grow professionally! It was an amazing support and opportunity to seamlessly reach the goals in my business I’d procrastinated on. Can’t say enough!!! And, I recently had the opportunity to attend Mari Lee’s coaching webinar training on Multiple Income Streams. Her attention to detail along with her years of knowledge that she so generously shared with the participants has been worth its weight in gold! Mari’s specific tips, tools and formula for creating other sources of income beyond the clinical hour are ingenious! I highly recommend this webinar to all psychotherapists!
— Tracy Tacquard, LMFT, Temecula, CA
Mari is an extraordinarily bright, insightful and thorough clinician. I have valued her consulting wisdom with SA clients and partners, and truly appreciate Mari’s support, and her ability to encourage and conceptualize with great depth, knowledge and compassion.
— Catherine Roberts, LMFT, CSAT, Beverly Hills, CA
Mari, I truly appreciate your guidance and see you as a mentor and lantern on my journey towards being a successful private practice therapist, until I can light my own way. Thank you for your support!
— Molly Papp, LMFT, Long Beach, CA.
Mari is just what I have been looking for in a coach: someone who is able to understand me as a mental health counselor, a private practice owner, an entrepreneur, and a thought leader. She brings a combination of business-smarts and intuition into our sessions, and curtails our discussions to suit my personality. I leave every encounter with her with increased clarity and confidence as to next steps I should take both my professional and personal journeys.
— Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC, Author, Colorado Springs, CO.
I have to shout this from to rooftops!! I have been in Mari Lee’s Like A Boss coaching group for only one week and the amount of encouragement, the amazing on point coaching, and the great community of peeps has been a dream come true. Mari provides us with dynamic support in order to help each of us create and launch our own multiple income stream project. For me, it’s not just the tips I’m getting on refining my MIS goals, but it’s the specific individual coaching support Mari gives to me within the group that really challenges me to look at what I’m offering, how I’m creating this offering, and how to make it more valuable to those who will benefit from my offering. Mari’s coaching is encouraging and so valuable as someone who struggles with parring down big ideas into focused steps. I highly recommend the Like A Boss Facebook Coaching group to anyone looking for supportive, useful, targeted coaching on developing their next MIS offering!
— Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, Parent Coach
Mari is amazing as a coach and human. She leads with heart and coaches with mind and experience – which is exactly what I needed to begin the transition into private practice. She is calm and constructive in all of her input. She is available when she says she will be. She is kind. She is the epitome of a coach. She will guide, lead you and work fundamentally with you in order to ensure that when you leave the group you can fly on your own. I also highly recommend Mari and her Like a Boss Facebook multiple income streams coaching group as an investment of your time and monies. You will not be disappointed.
— Rebecca Stiemens, Kingwood, TX
I have been privileged these last 4 months to be part of an amazing experience. Mari Lee has birthed this group called Like a Boss that is built on the foundation of support, abundance, vulnerability, trust, and sharing that is like no other I have been privileged to be involved. This group of therapists imagine, create, and produce projects to provide additional services to their communities and to world. Projects such as groups, online classes, books, you name it have come into being because of the gentle, but direct accountability standards set by Mari. Mari has created this space that daily inspired, challenged, and celebrated the incredible work of this group. She is a woman of vision and honesty that is refreshing and unusual. She is the real deal and I am thrilled to be one of her LABs. I will always feel a connection and be cheering for the other members I have spent the last four months with and treasure my ongoing relationship with Mari through her coaching. I encourage anyone who wants to move to a new level in their practice, in their work/life balance, in their perspective of what is important and how to lay the ground work to get there- connect with Mari Lee. Besides the LAB group she offers personal coaching, the Women’s Shine Retreat, and books, build your practice tools-and so much more. I am blessed to have found this group and this woman.
— Charlotte Hiler Easley LCSW, ESMHL, Lexington, KY
Mari I want to thank you very much for your time and attention during our coaching call. I feel very motivated to move forward with my private practice as a result of spending time with you. Also, I wanted to let you know how helpful the therapist forms have been, they are so comprehensive! I look forward to booking another session soon!
— Michael Reilly, LCSW, CSAT, EMDR, Ocala, FL.
Mari, I have grown so much as a clinician from working with you! I am forever grateful.
— Kim Litton LCSW, CAP, CSAT, North Palm Beach, FL.
Mari, I am excited to share that I got 4 new clients in under a week. I’m now going to have to open another day if I get one more client! I know that’s huge in part to the coaching support you have provided. Thank you!
— Ashley Errico, LPC, Austin, Texas

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