Interior Design Support

For Counselors & Healers

Do you need help decorating your dream therapy, coaching, or small business office?

As a therapist, coach and former Interior Designer for many years, helping colleagues, clinicians and other small business owners design and decorate their ideal therapy or healing space is a service I am passionate about!



We all bring different areas of creativity into our professional roles. For example, interior design is something that I deeply enjoy. I have always had a natural talent in this creative venue that emerged very early in my life. However, I cannot draw a stick figure to save my life! As a therapist, you may be a wonderful artist, painter, writer, sculptor or musician, but struggle with larger scale design - like room layout, furniture selection, color scheme, budgets, adding scale and balance with room accessories.

My interior design consulting clients often share that while they are excited to be achieving their professional dreams and goals, their office space does not reflect who they are as a therapist. They want a space for clients that supports the healing journey, yet are not sure how to create this.


This is where I absolutely love to step in with my design experience and provide support, guidance and direction. I work collaboratively with clients, drawing out each person's unique aesthetic. You don't have to pay a king's ransom or hire an expensive interior designer in order to have a beautiful and affordable office. In fact, I prefer to help clients "design on a dime" so that you can put the focus on the work you love.

My design consulting clients share that they feel more energized and clear on their design plan - often after one design coaching session with me! I walk every person I work with through their office space room-by-room, corner-by-corner, wall-by-wall to clearly map out each design step as we create the perfect space. It is so fun to team up and watch a once stressful or overwhelming process transform into a fun and exciting office work of art.

I will team up with you every step of the design process

All of this is done virtually - here is how I team up with my design consulting clients:

STEP 1: Once we schedule a design consulting session, you will send me a short video and several photos of your office at least one week prior to our meeting. Your smart phone camera is just fine for this step!

While your photos do not have to be perfect, I will need photos with good lighting, and as much natural day lighting as possible. Simply opening up doors and windows and turning on all lights should be just fine.

Once you have your photos taken, you will send them to me via email attachment so that I can download and create a design folder for you. And then the fun begins! Together we will roll up our sleeves and transform your space.

QUICK MEETING PREP TIP: For each room in your office that you would like my design support, take at least one photo from each corner of the room toward the center of the space so that I can see all angles. Then stand in the center of the room and take a photo into each corner of the room so that I have this perspective as well.


STEP 2: I will have you fill out my Healing Spaces© design client worksheet. The detailed information you provide will help me focus in on your specific tastes and design aesthetic.

This packet is an electronic PDF form that you can simply type into for ease. You send your HS worksheet to me via email (along with your photos and video) at least one week prior to your meeting.

There are several questions that are fun to answer and will allow me to really hone in on your artistic heart and soul. This information will help me help you to translate that into your room design. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

QUICK MEETING PREP TIP: If there are Pinterest boards that you have done, or rooms that you have seen that you enjoy, this is the time to include those links. 


STEP 3: Once you schedule your design session, fill out your Healing Spaces worksheet, and email this to me with your photos and video, we will meet for the first time via Facetime on your smart phone. If you do not have Facetime, we will meet via SKYPE. NOTE: if you do not have SKYPE, you will need to set this up prior to our first meeting. My SKYPE address is marileetherapy. SKYPE is a free service and very easy to download and use

I will ask that you Facetime or SKYPE me from your actual office so that you can take me through a virtual tour. Please do not worry about looking your professional best as you may need to get on a step stool and measure or sit on the ground. I will show up to these virtual meetings in my casual yoga clothes as well so that you do not feel like the odd man or woman out.

QUICK MEETING PREP TIP: These are the tools you will need to bring to your office for our meeting:

  • Smart phone with Facetime or tablet with Facetime or SKYPE;
  • Your charging cord (or make sure your device is powered up at 100%);
  • Internet Access in case we need to hop on a website together;
  • A way to prop up your phone or tablet (a stand, or even a bowl is fine) in case I need to watch you hold up a print;
  • A measuring tape (the yellow carpenter measuring tape found at any hardware store with a retractable tape);
  • A small safe and supportive step stool with no slip feet;
  • A notepad and preferably a pencil with an eraser, but a pen is fine too;
  • An open heart and willingness to learn and tap into your inner designer.

STEP 4: The magic happens! In real time you will take specific notes, measurements, and ask me any questions you have as I walk you through very clear design ideas, details and tasks - just as if I was in the space with you in real time. I may even have you move a chair, lamp, plant or table (as long as they are not too heavy) and re-position.

Some clients who work with me are starting from scratch working in an empty space that really needs a lot of TLC. Other clients are re-purposing a guest bedroom or spare space in their home, still others are trying to warm up a large commercial space. No matter what your specific project looks likes, I will team up with you drawing on my 14 years of running an interior design business.

I will give you specific design recommendations on the following:

  • Wall color and trim
  • Wall coverings
  • Flooring Ideas
  • Window Treatments
  • Area rugs or carpeting
  • Lighting
  • Furniture style and placement
  • Layout and scale
  • Accessories
  • Art and wall treatments
  • Help with odd angles and rooms
  • Help with ideas on noise transfer through walls
  • Help with Feng Shui

QUICK TIP: If you have specific furniture that you will keep in the space, or a particular piece of artwork or special item that you would like to add to your office space, be sure to take photos of these pieces as well. And please don't forget to include ceiling and floor shots so that I can really see the space through your eyes.

Let's start designing your beautiful new office space!

The way I work with my design consulting clients is to help them create an office that reflects their "art" and soul as a therapist or healers.

For example, you might love vivid pops of color, or more neutral tones. Perhaps you feel most energized and happy in spaces with a lot of light, or an office that offers cozier lighting. If you are all about bright and fun, let's do it! Maybe your space has a theme, or specific needs for presentations or child therapy.

Or perhaps you have an oddly shaped room that you want to use in your office that is currently wasted space, and you would like to transform this in order to create more leveraged income through workshops and group meetings.


Or maybe you are not sure what your design style is - if you are saying to yourself, "Yep, that's me Mari, I have no idea where to begin!" Then trust me, you are not alone. People have different creative talents. You may, for example, have a beautiful website that you are proud of. But feel lost in decorating your office space which looks vastly different to the client who has visited your website.

I love working with my design consulting clients to help them develop their own unique sense of style. So often clients will share, "Mari, I had no idea all of that was inside of me. I now have an office that I am proud of, one that respects my clients, with photos I can add to my website, and best of completely looks and feels like "me"!"


Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S

If you would like to set up an appointment, you may schedule here, please note that there is typically a 4-6 week wait list. Once your session is on the calendar, please email me at and I will send you the Healing Spaces© Worksheet so that you can complete this and send to me before your design session.

This information, along with your office photos and short video (using your smart phone is fine) will need to be sent to me minimally one week prior to your design consulting session.

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out! Let's create a space you feel really good about.

Kindly and in support,