Formal Disclosure is a challenging part of the healing process for couples recovering from sex addiction. As such, FD is not a one time session, or 1-2 hour event. Instead it is a complex and structured process that must be carefully executed by the CSAT therapist and treatment team.

Because FD is often a traumatic event for the partner, as well as an anxiety activating event for the addict in recovery,  it is essential to have a step-by-step treatment outline guiding each stage for the couple, as well as a focused road map for the treatment team. 

Additionally, implementing a practice policy with forms and after care plans that meet standard of care within the CSAT specialization is an important part of ethical clinical care. Having a structured and focused treatment plan in place not only benefits and supports the couple, but reduces anxiety and confusion within the therapeutic team.

Mari, my brain is bursting with knowledge after the Formal Disclosure Consultation. The time I spend absorbing your words is sadly never enough time. I appreciate you!
— Dr. Leeann Rosckowff, Scottsdale, AZ

Formal Disclosure Online Workshop Information

Mari, I found the whole experience today in your Formal Disclosure Workshop so very worthwhile! I especially found your passion and supportive energy to be engaging. Thank you!
— Rena Essrog, LCSW, CSAT, New Jersey,

Facilitator: Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S is a CSAT supervisor with a decade of specialized experience. Mari has lead countless clinical formal disclosures, and is the FD group training facilitator for all online training. Her training style is educational, organized, focused, welcoming and structured covering all aspects of the FD process. Whether or not you have facilitated several Formal Disclosure, or if you are brand new to CSAT work, this workshop will give a solid structure and focused step-by-step plan in facilitating FDs.

GotoMeeting: The FD workshop is conducted via GotoMeeting and is a very easy process to join the meeting. Once you are registered, the meeting information and link will be emailed to you.

Workshop Group: The FD group is a small group on line training and is closed at 8 CSATs or CSAT candidates in order to support each person in attendance. If you are a candidate, you must have completed the first module of CSAT training, and be working with a CSAT supervisor, and have minimally one client you are working with (and SA or Partner).

Fee:  $125/hr or $250 per attendee (see agency or group training discount information below).

Time: The FD Workshop is 2.5 hours in length and counts as 2.5 hours of IITAP group supervision for candidates. This does not count toward state licensing CEs.

Materials: You may purchase the FD forms packet this material will support your practice or agency, here is the link for these materials > Complete Formal Disclosure Packet, Materials, Worksheets and Forms. For CSAT testimonials on this materials click here.

Agency and Staff Training: If you are interested in hiring Mari to train your staff or facilitate an agency wide training, this can be conducted at Mari's office in Glendora, CA (note: the training room fits up to 12 attendees), via SKYPE, or within your practice or agency if travel expenses and additional time out of office are covered. Please contact Mari to learn about reduced group rates.

Date: Mari facilitates 2-4 Formal Disclosure trainings per year. If you are interested in attending the next SKYPE FD training workshop, you may contact Mari to sign up:

Thank you so much for the Formal Disclosure workshop training! I find you so skilled, warm, genuine, and eager to share. I really learned a lot so far and look forward to more. It was helpful to get a big picture overview.
— Cindy Rinker, LMFT, ASAT, San Francisco, CA

Formal Disclosure Documents

Mari, I purchased your disclosure packet and find it simply a superb resource for doing disclosures. You are so intelligent and generous. Thank you!
— Paul Ginocchio, M.A., MFT

A vital aspect of the Formal Disclosure process is having solid documentation and a plan for facilitation. Documents should include all forms, information, worksheets, releases and consent forms for both the recovering addict and the partner. Further, your FD forms should cover every stage of the Formal Disclosure Process including FD prep, FD facilitation, Post FD Steps, After Care Plan, Safety Plan, Impact Letter Prep and Meeting, Letter of Resitution (sometimes called Letter of Attonement) Prep, and all signature pages and releases. 

Mari has organized her center's Formal Disclosure documents, forms, worksheets, and materials into a comprehensive, easy-to-follow package if you would prefer to not reinvent the wheel.

Included in the packet:

  • Facilitation instructions for the therapeutic team
  • The Recovering addict's pre-FD and post-FD disclosure documents (including self-care and emotional restitution to partner) with guided instructions and signature pages and worksheets.
  • Healing partner's pre and post disclosure documents (including self-care and emotional impact to addict), with guided instructions, signature pages, and prep worksheets.
  • All consent and after care plans for each stage of FD
If you are a CSAT and use Mari’s full disclosure worksheets, you will be more than able to help your client prepare for one of the most difficult yet liberating experiences a full disclosure provides. Her forms are THOROUGH, extremely detailed and she has thought of everything both the partner and the addict will need to prepare for the formal disclosure process. Brilliant work Mari!
— Ninoska Montero, LMFT, CSAT, Pasadena, CA.

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