Top 10 Questions to Focus Your Multiple Income Streams Vision


Creating Multiple Income Streams is an excellent way to not only bolster the income made through your business, but also help you earn income passively. It lets you work smarter, not harder! 

The purpose of the questions below are to help you begin to identify areas where you may be able to create additional income streams for yourself and your practice. I recommend setting a timer on your phone for 20-30 minutes to jot down all of your ideas and answers. 

Here are the Top 10 Questions to ask yourself when creating your multiple income streams: 

1. What do you love to do in your practice and what are you great at?

2. What are you known for and what do you feel like you're uniquely qualified to do?

3. What do you feel you have to share with the world?

4. If you could do a different job, what would that be?

5. Where do you get the most amazing feedback from clients?

6. What is your biggest concern about creating a Multiple Income Stream?

7. If money were not an object, the number of clients I would want to see each week is...

8. What types of multiple income streams appeal to you?

9. Would you need help creating this product?

10.  What does life look like after you've created your Multiple Income Stream(s)?

What answers surprised you and where will you go from here?

I invite you to leave a comment below to get involved in the conversation. Let's help each other experience the freedom that can be gained from Multiple Income Streams!