If you are a LMFT, LCSW, PhD or LPCC, and currently have clinical employees, or are thinking of hiring employees, a thorough employment policy and employee support manual, that includes HIPAA compliance information is an absolute must in running a successful clinical practice that is legal and ethical.

I just purchased the Employment Policy Manual and I am thrilled! It has absolutely everything a therapist needs to use with employees - and it also incredibly thorough, organized into sections, and very affordable! I really appreciate that the therapist can customize it with his or her own logo and practice information too. I highly recommend this manual for anyone in private practice who has employees or is considering adding employees to your practice or agency. Thank you so much Mari!
— Dr. Traci Lowenthal, Redlands, CA., http://creativeinsightscounseling.com
Mari, I purchased the Employee Policy and HIPAA Manual and it is so fantastic - I am truly excited! What a wonderful tool you have created to support therapists! I look forward to diving in, reading, absorbing and growing up my practice. You have reduced the stress and supported my business to truly thrive...and you have relieved my mind in untold ways, thank you!
— Leslie Baker, LMFT, Pleasanton, CA, www.lesliebakermft.com
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Mari, I am so excited that the Employment Policy Manual is finally completed! I can’t wait to start using this. I so appreciate your time spent compiling such a necessary tool for those of us too overwhelmed to know where to start. You truly are a jewel and inspiration, and a support to therapists - thank you!
— Tracy Tacquard, LMFT, Temecula, CA., www.ranchofamilycounseling.com
Mari, I purchased your employee manual, and it is such a wonderful resource, thank you!
— Denan Burke, MA, LMFT, San Luis Obispo, CA www.MindfulHeartCounselingCenter.com

Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has devoted over a year of focused time and research, and has invested over $2,500 of her own money in working with experts in creating a comprehensive manual to support private practice clinicians who employ or are considering employing clinical staff. She is now making this available to support other colleges who would prefer not to re-invent the wheel and do not have the time to invest in intensive writing and research that such a manual requires.

During this time, Mari consulted with a team of experts who are at the top of their field including: Respected California Human Resources President, Tiffany Stith, MBA for employment guidance on employers/small business owners.

Additionally, Mari facilitated an employment consulting workshop with a top California employment attorney Monique Ngo-Bonnici who instructed on California business employment policy.

Mari also worked for several weeks with HIPAA expert, Clinton Campbell, formerly with the National Security Agency. Clinton is now a clinician himself and the founder of Quirk Concepts.

During the development stages of the employee manual, Mari sought expert consulting with Frances Harvey, VA founder of My Solution Services, and a former Director of 8 years for one of the largest professional counseling centers in Southern California with extensive experience in the hiring and employment management process of clinical interns and licensed therapists for multiple clinical offices.

Mari also worked closely with copy editor and professional VA, in the final stages of the employee manual to ensure that everything from the layout, to the formatting, grammar, spelling, and design are impeccable.  

A few of Mari Lee’s hallmarks are thoroughness and attention to detail. In her many years as a therapist, Mari has created and documented a best practice approach to her clinical work. Mari thoughtfully sends the documents in a word file with room for the therapist to brand with his or her own practice information and logo.
— Bryan Palmer, M.A., LCSW, CSAT, Miami, Fl. www.therapy-works.org

Ready to cover yourself, support your employees, and prefer not to re-invent the wheel?

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So excited about all of these fabulous products being released for therapists. Everything Mari Lee does is impeccable and top-notch!
— Miranda Palmer, LMFT, Oceanside, CA www.zynnyme.com

If you are interested in purchasing this employment manual/HIPAA information as a support to your practice or agency, we have outlined what you will be receiving below:

Product description: With over 35 pages, this employment manual is organized with sections that covers nearly every aspect of employment for the therapist small business owner. The sections included within the employment manual are: 

Employee Policy Manual - All Employees

  • Equal Employment Opportunities

  • Employment At-Will

  • Employee Professional Methods and Practices

  • Account Write-Offs/Adjustments

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Referrals

  • Monthly Staff Meetings

  • Documentation

  • Clinical Charts

  • Disciplinary Actions

  • Termination

Employee Policy Manual – Clinical Staff

  • Work Schedules

  • Supervision

  • Compensation

  • Intakes

  • Fees

  • Appointments

  • Business Cards & Printed Materials Suggestions

  • Cell Phone

  • Voicemail/Answering Machine

  • Vacation/Time Off

  • Malpractice Insurance

  • Becoming a Licensed Therapist

  • Common Sense Consideration in Ending Employment

HIPAA Information and Technology Privacy and Security Policies

  • Information and Technology Privacy and Security

  • Sensitive Information

  • Information Privacy and Security Manager

  • Business Associates

  • New Employees

  • Training Requirements

  • Terminating Employment

  • Authorized Computing Devices

  • Decommissioning Computing Devices and Data Destruction

  • Online Accounts

  • Social and Professional Networking Policy

  • Secure Communication

  • General Incidents

  • Security Breaches

Required Acknowledgement and Certification Forms (forms that are included):

  • Employee Policy Manual Acknowledgement for Employees & Clinical Staff

  • Privacy and Security Policy Acknowledgement for Employees & Clinical Staff

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Training Certificate Form

What amazing work you are doing. Your post inspired me to take a look at what you are doing, and I’m so glad that I did. Just reading your website brightens my day. I’m so impressed with all that you do - thank you!
— Kelly McDaniel, CSAT, Author Ready to Heal, www.gentlepath.com
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Created for: Licensed and certified clinicians working for use in their private practice or clinic. 

Format: The Employee Orientation & HIPAA Compliance Manual is delivered via email in a downloadable file containing a customizable Word document. Once purchased and downloaded, you may “brand” the Manual with your own logo and practice information without the worry of copyright infringement and organize how you wish for your practice.

The download is simple - just click on the button below to add to your shopping cart. Note: You will need to customize the Manual for your individual practice with your practice name, address, phone number and your logo. Once purchased, you will be emailed a link for download that is active for 24 hours. Click on the link in the email, follow the simple steps, and download your client form packet! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN E-PRODUCT AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

Important notes before purchasing the employee support manual:

  1. This material is for licensed therapists and clinical professionals for use within their private practices or agencies. Do not purchase this material if you are not a licensed professional.

  2. This material will not be shared with other clinical professionals without the express written consent of Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S. This is material (s) is for use within the purchaser’s clinic or practice only. By sharing with others who have not purchased this material (s) violates copyright law.

  3. Every state has their own governing board, and as such, legal, ethical, and clinical guidelines may differ. Please check with your state’s legal and ethical mandates to make sure that you are operating within your scope of practice, duties and experience, and providing the standard of clinical care in using this material as mandated by your state board.

  4. This is a manual to assist you in the management of employees. It covers many important areas of employee management, but clearly no manual can cover every single aspect of employment as that may vary from state-to-state and region to region. If you choose to purchase and use this Employment Policy and HIPAA manual within your practice and with employees, you do so at your own risk. Additionally, you understand that you will be responsible for all legal and ethical considerations within your state in managing employees, and that you are responsible for keeping up-to-date on the employment and HIPAA changes within your state and nationally. Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S, and any company, affiliate, consultant, associate, employee or anyone or corporation professionally related to, or owned by Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S will not be held legally responsible.

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN PURCHASING: Please download within 24 hours after purchasing through your laptop or computer. DO NOT download through a smartphone or iPhone as the link may not be live. All sales are final.

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