Group Therapy Forms for Clinical Professionals


Group Therapy Forms for Clinical Professionals


Thorough, professional and ethical client group therapy forms is a key component in any private practice or clinic that facilitates group counseling. However, it can be very challenging for many therapists to invest the time and energy to write, edit and produce group forms that address all the important clinical points, boundaries, informed consent, limits of confidentiality, group rules that so we need in place as a solid foundation for our therapy groups and practices.


For nearly a decade I gave away all of my clinical forms to colleagues, however, as my practice grew, and other professional responsibilities filled my schedule, I no longer have the time to respond to each request. 


In order to support our community, as well as honor my time and years of investment writing and refining my forms, I have created a beautiful and professional packet of group therapy documents that cover all of the important foundational needs including the following:


Product Description: The following is included in the Group Therapy Forms for Clinical Professionals E-packet: 


  • Informed consent with signature/date lines

  • Limits of Confidentiality

  • Group Therapy Rules

  • Payment Information

  • Group Fees

  • Group Homework Policy Statement

  • Respecting Others in Group Rules

  • Section for Disclosing Physical or Mental Conditions

  • Emergency Contact

  • Client Information

  • Attendance Statement

  • Secret Keeping 

  • Boundaries

  • Signature Page

  • Credit Card Authorization


Created for: Licensed and certified clinicians working with facilitating group therapy within their practice or clinic. 

Format: The Group Therapy Forms for Clinical Professionals E-packet is delivered via organized zip file containing customizable Word documents. The forms have been produced in Word for easy editing as you wish. Once purchased, you may “brand” the forms with your own logo and practice information without any copyright infringement. 

The download is simple - just click on the button below to add to your shopping cart. Note: You will need to customize the forms for your individual practice with your address, phone number and your logo. Once purchased, you will be emailed a link for download that is active for 24 hours. Click on the link in the email, follow the simple steps, and download your copy!


Important notes before purchasing:


  1. These forms are for licensed therapists and clinical professionals facilitating group therapy or counseling within their practices. 

  2. These forms should not be shared with other clinical professionals without the express written consent of Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S. They are for use within the purchaser’s clinic or practice only.

  3. Every state has their own governing board and as such, legal and ethical guidelines may differ. Please check with your state’s legal and ethical mandates to make sure that you are operating within your scope of practice, duties and experience and providing the standard of clinical care as mandated by your state. 

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN PURCHASING: Please download within 24 hours after purchasing through your laptop or computer. DO NOT download through a smartphone or iPhone as the link may not be live.

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