The Creative Clinician


The Creative Clinician


Many of you have asked if I would consider putting together a practical workbook of my original exercises and activities to use with your own therapy clients and clinical groups. I am please to share that I have created the following workbook, “The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients & Group Therapy©"

This 176 page E-workbook is chock full of supportive activities and includes 31 of my most popular exercises for individuals, couples, families and groups that I have created and successfully used over the years. Each exercise includes instructions and graphics and is available in an organized, professional, PDF E-Book in a printable format for easy access in order for you, the therapist, to print, keep on file, and use over and over again in your own practice for years to come. And I have kept it affordable at just over a dollar an exercise! See product description and price below.

Product Description: 31 clinical exercises and activities for therapy clients and groups in private practice or agencies. 176 pages. These E-Book exercises are designed to support healing, growth, and insight, and are focused on topics such as:

  • Addiction
  • Anger Management
  • Boundaries
  • Communication Tools
  • Family of Origin
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Father/Son
  • Mother/Daughter
  • Recovery
  • Shame Reduction
  • And many others!

Created For: Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Clinicians, Counselors, Psychologists and other helping professionals working with individuals, families, and group therapy.

Format: The Creative Clinician E-Book is designed in an organized PDF downloadable/printable format upon purchase in order for you to print, keep on file, and use as often as you like, with as many clients or groups as needed. The download is simple, just click on the button below to add to your shopping bag. Once purchased, you will be sent a link for download that is active for 72 hours. Click on the link, follow the simple steps, and download your copy!

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN PURCHASING: Please download within 24 hours after purchasing through your laptop or computer. DO NOT download through a smart phone or iPhone as the link may not be live.

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