The couples SA recovery process is a complex and challenging part of healing for both the addict and partner.  As a support, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has put together a comprehensive packet of her copyrighted documents to help the CSAT clinician. 

This packet has been structured to include worksheets, forms and materials and instructions to support your work with recovering couples  including:

1. Partner's Safety/Boundary/Consequence Worksheets

2. Couples Weekly Check in Script and Materials

3. Couples Therapeutic Separation Agreement Worksheets

Created For: CSAT or ASAT (note: if you are not yet certified you must be working with a supervisor) licensed and certified clinicians working with recovering sex addicts and partners.

Purchasing and Sharing Condition: As a support to my clinical colleagues, I allow up to 2 clinicians to use one purchased copy of this product as long as they practice within the same business (note: if you are a solo practitioner, you may not forward or share this product with a colleague or therapist friend or you will be in violation of copy right agreement).

Additionally, if you are purchasing for a multiple person practice or agency with over 2 therapists, I ask that you purchase the number of copies per clinicians who will be using this product to honor good boundaries. For example: 1-2 therapists within the same practice or agency = 1 copy, 2-4 = 2 copies, 4-6 = 3 copies, 6-8 = 4 copies, 8-10 = 5 copies.  Thank you for respecting this limit to 2 people within the same practice sharing this product. 

Important Notes Before Purchasing:

1. This packet of materials is designed for certified CSAT clinical therapists working with recovering sex addicts and recovering partners.   

2. Every state has their own governing board and as such, legal and ethical guidelines may differ. Please check with your state’s legal and ethical mandates to make sure that you are operating within your scope of practice, duties and experience and providing the standard of clinical care as mandated by your state. 




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Format: The Couples Documents E-packet is an organized zip file containing PDF and customizable Word documents  in order for you to print, keep on file, and use as often as you like, with as many clients as needed. The download is simple - just click on the add to cart button to add to your shopping cart. Once purchased, you will be emailed a link for download that is active for 24 hours. Click on the link in the email, follow the simple steps, and download your copy within 24 hours.

Copyright Permission and Editing Support: As a support I give each clinician copyright permission so that you may brand the forms with your own logo and practice information. And, as a helpful road map, I have kept my Growth Counseling Services (or GCS) logo and practice information as a place marker at the top of each page and as a place marker though out so that you can clearly see where to add your own information.  Simply open up the header footer and copy and paste your logo to brand as your own. Then, as you read through the documents, wherever you see a GCS place marker, this is your reminder to simply highlight and edit with your own name or practice information. Therapists and colleagues have shared that they greatly appreciate these little roadmap flag as a helpful reminder on where to personalize the documents. This is a very easy step as the documents have all been created in word which is a universally used program.