Mari Lee’s multi page Life Coaching Form is a priceless resource for coaches. As a therapist who is new to the field of coaching, I needed paperwork that clearly distinguished the difference between therapy and coaching and provided clear and ethical language. Mari Lee’s form packet provides that and more. It is evident that Mari has done valuable research to create this resource. You will save yourself time, stress, and energy by getting this, and you’ll be grateful you did! These forms were exactly what I needed to successfully launch into the exciting field of life coaching.
— Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP, Author of Life After Lust, Coach,

Life coaching is an increasingly popular way of working with individuals who are in need of support. As a therapist and coach who presents, speaks and teaches, in my role as a business coach to other clinical professionals, I was alarmed to hear that therapists sometimes provide life coaching without consent forms in place.

While Psychotherapy and Life Coaching may have similarities, they are very different in other respects. Licensed therapists in the U.S. may not provide therapy services outside of the state they are licensed in.

If a therapist chooses to provide life coaching, it is important to have ethical coaching consent forms that clearly state the difference between life coaching and therapy. My hope is that by providing these forms, this material will help other therapists feel more ethically secure in their coaching services.
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Product Description

I have been so fortunate to be able to work with Mari Lee in building my coaching practice, and having access to her coaching forms was especially helpful. Creating those forms on my own felt like a burdensome obstacle for me as I was very concerned I might leave out something of importance. Mari’s forms are incredibly thorough and complete, so by using hers I am relieved of that burden. Her forms include just about every liability disclaimer one could need, along with the history of coaching and the clinical differences between coaching and psychotherapy. I am so grateful to have these at the click of a button, and now feel freed up to focus on marketing and finding my own professional voice in the field.
— Chelsea DeKruyff, MA, Life Coach, Austin, TX.
I’ve been a licensed marriage and family therapist for almost twenty years and have had a passing interest in adding coaching to my business. However, I’ve been unsure and unclear about how to exactly do this. This packet pretty much clears up every question I’ve had about how to add this important service to my business. Mari has unique strengths in the areas of setting clear expectations, clear boundaries, and explaining things in a non-threatening way. This is an easy-to-understand set of policies that will help clients and providers start off on the same page. I’m thrilled to have this resources available to me as I add coaching to my business.”
— Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT St. George, Utah,

Description of Materials: I have created this Life Coaching Consent forms packet as a support for helping professionals. The packet is a multiple page form to support best practices that clearly outlines:

• What Life Coaching is and is not
• The difference between a Life Coach and a Licensed Therapist
• A list of consent statements that the client initials
• Discusses limits of confidentiality (if the Life Coach is also a Licensed Therapist)
• Outlines cancellation, fee, boundaries, confidentiality, termination, out of session contact
• Liability agreement statement
• Client Signature and Date line

I give copyright permission to each purchaser to edit as needed. The forms are formatted in Word and can be easily edited to include your website, logo and other professional details.

If you are interested in growing your experience and would like coaching or consulting support, you may schedule a session with Mari here. You can learn more about Mari coaching services here. Please note that there is typically about a 2-4 week wait list for coaching or consulting sessions.

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Copyright Reminder: While you may edit the forms with your own business information to brand as your own, and you may use with as many of your own clients as you wish, you may not share, distribute, present, copy, or claim authorship of the forms as this is copyright infringement.

Important Reminder: With any document or form, it is up to the clinician to make sure the information contained within that form meets the legal and ethical requirements and standards of care within your state, country or region, this includes forms and materials for coaching. It is advisable to always check with your licensing board and/or legal counsel before using this or any document and/or materials within your practice, clinical or coaching organization and with clients. By downloading this document packet, you agree to assume all risk and liability.

Disclaimer: By providing this life coaching consent form packet, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S DBA Growth Counseling Services is not providing legal, ethical, coaching, coaching planning, coaching recommendations, or any other business, coaching or clinical practice advice related to your work as a coach, therapist. You agree to take sole responsibility for all outcomes and will not hold Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S DBA Growth Counseling Services responsible legally or ethically in using this document packet.