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A few of Mari Lee’s hallmarks are her impeccable thoroughness and attention to detail. In her many years as a therapist, Mari has created and documented a best practice approach to her clinical work. Mari thoughtfully sends the documents in a word file with room for the therapist to brand with his or her own practice information and logo.
— Bryan Palmer, LCSW, CSAT, Miami Beach, FL,
So excited about all of these fabulous products being released for therapists. Everything Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S does is detailed and top-notch! If you want to have a successful private practice, these materials give you practical ways to improve your clinical work, whether you are in grad school, or have been licensed for decades.
— Miranda Palmer, LMFT, Oceanside, CA

The Creative Clinician: Exercises & Activities for Clients & Group Therapy e-book©

This comprehensive and creative e-workbook is chock full of supportive activities and includes 31 of Mari's most popular exercises for individuals, couples, families and groups that she has created and successfully used over many years. Includes instructions and graphics organized in a professional and printable PDF document to support your work...

Clinical Therapy Forms for Professionals in Private Practice e-package© 

If you are a licensed clinical professional seeking client forms, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has created a comprehensive packet of her copyrighted forms including: Informed Consent, Super Bill, Bio/Psycho/Social, Social Media forms, and much more for you to brand with your own logo/information. These forms are for licensed clinical professionals only...

Group Therapy Forms for Professionals in Private Practice e-package© 

If you are a licensed clinical professional seeking group therapy forms Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has put together a complete packet of her copyrighted documents including: Informed Consent, Release of Information, group therapy rules, limits of confidentiality, and more for you to brand with your own logo and information to use within your practice...

Mari, I have just purchased The Creative Clinician and look forward to using these great tools - what a great body of work!
— John Larkin, Director, Canberra, Australia,
Thank you Mari! I down loaded your Clinical Forms Packet two weeks ago for my private practice and they are terrific!
— Beth Dowell Pascoe, LCSW, CSAT Jacksonville, FL.,

Formal Disclosure Sex Addict and Partner Forms for CSAT Therapist e-package© 

If you are a Licensed CSAT Therapist seeking Formal Disclosure Client prep forms and materials, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has put together a comprehensive packet of her copyrighted documents including: A Formal Disclosure Therapist Step-by-Step guide, FD Client pre/post FD worksheets for the SA client, as well as the Spouse/Partner pre/post worksheets, and more for you to brand with your own logo and information...

Employee Policy & HIPAA Compliance Manual for Private Practice e-manual©

For the licensed clinical professional who currently has, or will be hiring, employees. A through employment policy and HIPAA compliance manual is a must for successful legal and ethical practices. With over 29 pages this manual is organized into sections that cover many employment aspects for the licensed therapist in private practice or for the clinical agency...

From Fairytales to Facelifts: Women's Healing Workshop e-Kit for Therapists©

This comprehensive women's workshop e-kit is intended for women of all ages who are in need of help and gentle guidance in rediscovering their esteem, beauty and self-worth after moving through relationship trauma. As the therapist, or workshop leader, the FTF kit and curriculum will provide you with everything you need in order to facilitate a successful women's workshop from start to finish...

Mari, I purchased the Employee Policy and HIPAA Manual and it is so fantastic - I am truly excited! What a wonderful tool you have created to support therapists! I look forward to diving in, reading, absorbing and growing up my practice.
You have reduced the stress and supported my business to truly thrive...and you have relieved my mind in untold ways, thank you!
— Leslie Baker, LMFT, Pleasanton, CA,
I was so excited to purchase this kit! We are using several exercises from the “Creative Clinician” and the exercises “A Strong Woman vs.A Woman of Strength”, and “The Story of Me” have been especially powerful for our clients. The deeper we get into your work, the more we realize the material is invaluable to our practice. Thank you, Mari, for your extraordinary work that you are willing to share. Please know that your exercises are making a difference in the lives here in Cincinnati!
— Rebecca Miller, MA, LPC-CR, Cincinnati, OH

Strength & Honor: First steps to Recovery from Affairs, Sex & Pornography Addiction©

If you are or someone you love has been involved in affairs, compulsive sex or pornography addiction, it can be difficult to know how to begin the first steps in the healing and recovery process.  This supportive information e- packet is intended for adult men and women who are in need of help in starting the healing process after participating in affairs, sex addiction or pornography addiction... 

Healing from Betrayal: Supportive first steps e-packet for Partners of Sex and Porn Addicts©

If you are a spouse or partner of a sex or porn addict, or have been betrayed by an affair, you know first hand the hurt and anger every partner experiences. This supportive information e-packet is intended for adult women and men who are in need of help and gentle guidance in beginning the first steps toward healing after betrayal from their spouses or partners sexual deception, sex or porn addiction or affairs...

Mindful Relaxation Guided Imagery and Anxiety Reduction Meditation (e-CD)©

Stress, anxiety, work and relationship challenges can impact a person's emotional health and well-being. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has helped numerous client, workshops and groups using mindfulness techniques. Mari will guide the listener gently through mindful meditation, breath work, and guided imagery in the "Guided Meditation" e-CD available for immediate download....

Mari, I have so much respect for you and use your workbook (Facing Heartbreak) and exercises from your other book, “The Creative Clinician: Exercises and Activities for Clients and Group Therapy”, in my partner’s group. They are great!!! I love your spirit, creativity and passion - it comes across in all that you do.
— Karen Gelstein LCSW, CSAT
Mari, I’ve just purchased your e-book, “The Creative Clinician” and I’m already receiving fantastic feedback from my clients. The exercises and activities are engaging, and provide a great foundation for deeper reflection and insight. Thank you for this wonderful resource!
— Magen Todd, PhD., Studio City, CA.

Partners & Couples Sexual Addiction Recovery Packet

As a support to the CSAT community, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has put together a comprehensive recovery packet of worksheets and materials for CSAT therapists in supporting couples in SA recovery. This packet includes: The Couples Weekly Check In Script and Worksheets Packet, The Couples Therapeutic Separation Agreement Forms, and The Partner/Spouse Boundary and Safety List with Consequences Worksheet...

The Fairytales to Facelifts Kit is a well-organized resource with everything we needed at our practice to facilitate a successful workshop. The exercises, images and stories provided are evocative and help participants to connect with their emotional selves and envision new ways of being in their lives and relationships. As a therapist, I am so grateful for all the hard work and generosity of spirit that went in to creating this great workshop experience.
— Michelle Mays, Founding Director, LPC, CSAT, Center for Relational Recovery

FREE Sex Addiction Clinical File Checklist Forms for CSATs - Companion to FD Forms Packet©

If you are a licensed clinical professional and CSAT therapist in need of a client file checklist of tasks, materials and adjunct support list for your private practice or agency clinical files, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has put together a comprehensive checklist you may use to support your clinical treatment planning. Please note that this check list is best utilized with the Formal Disclosure Packet...

Mari, I have purchased your “forms packet” as well as the “group forms packet” and I find both packets to be very helpful to my practice. This material will be especially supportive as I am starting my first men’s therapy group this August - so thank you!
— Eric Belsterling, LPC, LCAS, Asheville, NC

If you are a licensed mental health professional interested in providing walk and talk therapy for clinical clients,  it is important to have a client consent form that specifically addresses this particular modality...

Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts (Book) 

Best selling Amazon book by three trusted CSAT therapists to support partner healing. Discovering that the person you loved is a sex addict can be devastating. Hurt, anger and betrayal are the consequences that the partner struggles with. Facing Heartbreak weaves real-life stories with therapeutic advice and specific tasks that educate, empower, and guide the partner of the sex addict through a process of recovery... 

Mari, I purchased “The Creative Clinician” and am finding it to be such a valuable tool to use with my clients. The explanations are easy to understand and the examples are relevant to real life issues. This is a great go to tool for any therapist wanting to help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves.
— Ninoska Montero, LMFT, Glendora, CA

FREE Document Liability Release Form. Companion to Clinical Forms©

In order to reduce legal and ethical riskwhen a client requests a document or report to be released to them, such as their SDI report, other assessments, or file summaries, it is important that the therapist have a signed release of liability document for clients who are requesting any information or materials to be released by the therapist into the client's own care... 

What amazing materials and work you are doing . Just reading your website brightens my day. I’m so impressed with all that you do - thank you!
— Kelly McDaniel, CSAT, Author Ready to Heal,, Fredericksburg, TX

If you are a public speaker in need of an attendee form in order to collect feedback from your audience, Mari has provided her speaker's survey form free of charge as a support to therapists, colleagues and speakers...

Business Coaching Forms Packet: Materials & Forms for Your Business Coaching Practice

I created this packet in response to clinical colleagues sharing that they were providing business coaching support without coaching forms.  These well meaning professionals were scheduling business coaching calls without an intake process, a goals outline, or a way of tracking progress on their client’s goals, a payment form, or business coaching paperwork with policies and boundaries that support the client and cover themselves...

Mari, your Formal Disclosure package is very helpful. During our clinical meeting today, we discussed some issues around disclosures and our supervisor suggested getting copies of your materials. I shared with the group about the value of your Formal Disclosure materials and encouraged them to get copies of their own. Thanks for your kind heart. You are the best! ”
— Dr. Prince Oteng-Boateng, Ph.D., CSAT, Alberta, Canada

Initial Client Contact Form for Licensed Clinical Professionals. Companion to Clinical Forms©

FREE Clinical Multi-page Form. If you are a licensed clinical professional and/or CSAT in need of an initial client contact check list, Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S has put together a comprehensive first assessment multi-page form that you may use as a support for your clinical treatment planning with your clients. This is a companion to the clinical forms packet...

Mari, I have just purchased your materials and look forward to using these great tools - what a wonderful body of work!
— John Larkin, CSAT, Director, Canberra, Australia,

Licensed therapists may not provide therapy services outside of the state they are licensed in. If you provide life coaching it is important to have coaching consent forms that clearly state the difference between life coaching and therapy …