Coaching Forms Packet: Materials & Forms to Support Your Business Coaching Practice

by Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S

I created this business coaching materials packet in response to requests from other colleagues who provide business coaching. Many had shared that they were providing business coaching without a client forms packet that they felt confident in. 

These well meaning professionals were scheduling business coaching calls without an intake process, a business goal worksheet, a specific form for tracking progress on their client’s goals, a way of taking payment, or paperwork that clearly states their coaching policies with boundaries that are signed off by the clients.

As such, they were leaving themselves open to liability, as well as unintentionally not providing their business coaching clients a focused and guided process.

We all start somewhere as coaches, but the most successful coaches have a solid and consistent foundation to work from in supporting their clients.

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Business Coaching Forms Packet Product Description

I have provided my own business coaching foundations package to help support your first steps as a coach. Each document template is formatted in Microsoft Word for ease of use and customization.  Documents included in this packet are:

1. The Coaching Forms Packet Guide - This is a personal letter from me to you discussing each form, how and when to use this with coaching clients, as well as giving copyright permission for you to brand all of the materials with your own coaching logo, address and information.

2. The Coaching 360 Intake Worksheet - This is a multi-page worksheet that the client fills out prior to their coaching session. The coach reviews the 360 as part of the coaching prep and as a way of formulating a coaching plan for the client.

3. The Coaching Consent Form - This two page document clearly outlines the difference between coaching and therapy, the boundaries of working with coaching clients, and manages expectations on outcome.

4. The Coaching Session Progress Report Form - A one page, at-a-glance chart that allows you to easily track your coaching client's goals, progress, check in dates, what is hindering progress, and session notes all within a one page grid.

5. The Coaching Credit Card Form/Payment Agreement - This is a two page document that clearly outlines your payment agreement that the coaching client fills out with a signature and date to keep on file.

Coaching Forms Packet
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